the miracle of mediocrity

One of the more corrosive mainstream narratives about mental health is the "law of attraction" narrative that pervades not only mental health, but spirituality, health movements and most main stream expressions of self and self care.

You see them everywhere if not in pictures of sunset kissed bikini wearing downward dog beach going toe dipping in the azure blue oceans with one word inspirations like "manifest" or "dream, believe, do, repeat" or helpful assertions like "you make your own destiny", "you are your own worst enemy", then with gurus who package and market themselves with pithy quotes and sell you their product of success in these 7 easy steps to fame and fortune, and if you fail it's your fault loser!!!!

The entitlements of the "law of attraction" narrative is only superseded by the implicit expectation that any resources are meant to be extracted for your personal betterment without consideration for the big picture in which these behavioural invocations of resource extraction take place. Who suffers because of your consumption is a question never asked in the "law of attraction culture" because you are owed success so go out and grab it!

Bottom line, in this world there is no room for mediocrity, only excellence and perfection with well designed and perfectly marketed signal boosting epithets, think speak, photoshopped lens flares and cult like abacadabra of ritualistic mantras of success, freedom and self.

The fact is most of us live entirely mediocre lives. We are not high achievers, millionaires, thought leaders, A-type go getting wildly successful hashtagging TED talking book selling, TV celebrity, social media influencer kings and queens of capitalist excess. We are single people riding the bus to work, we are people who look at the blossoms, we are lovers who exchange kisses over toast and coffee, we are insomniacs, we are campers who sleep in wet tents, we don't go to the gym often, we have dad bods, we have crooked boobs, we are lonely, we wonder how we will pay the bills, we are loved, we watch Netflix, we care for our aging and sick parents, we are mothers covered in food stains, we are fathers who forget to shave some days, we are diabetics, we are communities of friends, we are hikers and amblers, we don't eat all organic, our clothing is not all bamboo, we drive cars and we ride bikes, we hug our loved ones. we live, breathe and expand in the everyday terrain of the "mediocre".

This is the real world the corrosive culture of "law of attraction" constantly berates you is ordinary, unsuccessful and without value; yet in my experience it is in these ordinary moments we find our everyday connections, we find the value in our lives, we see the beauty of our existence meted out in our ordinary everyday mediocre lives.

This constant onslaught incantation "success" that is pinned to a thin white body, to having a positive mindset, to being perfect in every way is a toxic force that creates profound unhappiness in most people I meet - particularly people precluded from having access to that success in the first place because it was never theirs to begin with.

So, today I am here to tell you the "law of attraction culture" is a big fat lie and does nothing to facilitate your being in the world and accepting yourself exactly as you are.

So from a blossom loving foodstained coffee drinking insomniac lover I proudly claim that I am a mediocre person. I live a mediocre life. And I am content, connected and deeply grateful for my mediocre existence.