counselling with me invites you
to be present here & now and explore your
life issues as equals together 


You are connecting to your own issues and not depending on your therapist or anyone else to fix things for you - I am not a "rescuer" who saves you. I am not a coach. Instead I witness and facilitate your process as you generate insight into your issues. In this way, therapy creates collaborative opportunities for you to make healthy choices for yourself and move into a thriving emotional state. 

I engage you as a whole person, an equal who is not defined by your issues. I assist you in understanding the sometimes confusing and hindering aspects of your life, both your internal experiences and your interpersonal experiences. And regardless of any behaviours, lifestyle choices or conditions you present with or live with, I consistently relate to you with compassion and acceptance.

I respond to everything you bring into the session. It all has a place in your process. I am attuned to your age, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, spirituality, class,...etc and use aspects of these as part of your therapy, when appropriate. If I lack knowledge about your values, life choices or beliefs, I ask questions in a respectful and curious way in order to be an effective ally in your therapeutic process. 

Wanting to be happy is a worthy and achievable goal for counselling. Feeling lasting relief from anxiety, depression, anger and stress are key reasons to seek out supportive, professional support. Book with me and we will work together to rediscover you inner resources and strengths, address your internal and external conditions in order to seek out where you have the capacity to implement change with the intention to resolve your concerns and create new opportunities for wellness.

AreaS of Expertise & people whom I serve

  • youth transitioning to adulthood issues

  • intergenerational & multicultural issues

  • depression & low life satisfaction issues

  • anxiety & grief regarding climate chaos, political instability and/or economic vulnerability

  • anxiety & related process disorders

  • self-actualisation and identifying creative limitations

  • relationship issues - working 1:1 not with couples.

  • identifying systemic factors that contribute to your mental health

  • proudly serving and inclusive of all members of the LGBTTIQH+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, queer, questioning and heterosexual) community and inclusive of all consensual relationship configurations ie monogamous, poly, RA, kink...etc

I work best with people who are motivated and understand that counselling is a working relationship in which you, the client, do the exploring, examination and self-reflection. My task is to facilitate and support your work, whether by bearing witness, validating, holding space, reflecting or offering you the concrete tools with which you can master and flourish in this process of self discovery; the ultimate purpose of which is to bear the fruits of insight and reveal opportunities of change and wellness that you created for yourself.

At the most basic level as a human being you have a right to explore and examine your life, to identify your values, to understand your place in the world. My job is to create a space in which you to have that opportunity to determine the meaning of this examination. I have no agenda for you other than to encourage, facilitate and help you articulate your counselling needs and counselling solutions. I fundamentally believe that if you do the work you will achieve insight and make decisions that are authentic to you.

people whom I am unable to serve

  • people with diagnosed DSM personality disorders that require the expertise of either a Reg. Psychologist or a Psychiatrist to manage ie Cluster A, Cluster B or Cluster C diagnoses (the 10 personality disorders)

  • people with severe psychiatric manifestations that over time are resistant to the style of therapy I offer, or worsen, and whom I believe need to be assessed by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist for one of the Cluster A, B, or C diagnoses.

  • people who utter threats of violence to me or threaten my personal safety in any way.

  • people who express explicit misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, white supremacist, racist, or sexist beliefs and are unwilling to examine them as problematic and harmful to their mental health.

If during the course of our work together it becomes apparent that there is minmal progress or there appears to be significant developmental or personality distortions which exceed my competency, I will to the best of my ability and with informed consent refer you to an expert who is competent and capable to supporting you in getting the mental health treatment you deserve. 

At any time if my personal safety is threatened I will immediately terminate the client counsellor relationship and I will do my best to refer you to a professional who has the capacity to work with you. 

Professional, personal, ethically informed boundaries are the bedrock upon which this counselling relationship is built and, if there is a resistance to developing them, or a persistent violation of them or without them, then I cannot ethically facilitate your counselling work.

People who are unable to maintain boundaries and show a lack of regard for the professional relationship will not benefit from counselling with me and are possibly not good candidates for psychotherapy. Our work is one of a mutual agreement to respect and honour the therapeutic frame.  If you are unable to show up either because of significant personality issues or lack of respect for the therapeutic frame, then I am not a right fit for you.

"It is also important to realise that you don’t have to have control over others. You see, that is exactly the truth of the situation: you do not have all the answers; you are not assuming control over people. Instead, you are trying to tell the truth—in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end”

~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche